Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Hangin' Chad" Harris Wins

Rep. Katherine "Hangin' Chad" Harris has won her Republican Senate primary in Florida. She faces incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson who is currently leading by 30 percentage points in some polls, and most predict an easy win for Nelson.

The Harris campaign brought back memories of her role in the controversial 2000 presidential election in which she played a prominent role as Florida's Secretary of State in charge of "certifying" the results.

Viewed as a liability, Harris was shunned by her party leaders for her senate bid, and ran a campaign full of controversy such as declaring the doctrine of separation of church and state a myth and that only Christians should be elected to legislate. She was dogged by stories linking her to a convicted bribery-taking defense contractor.... but, "die-hard Republican voters, they love her." (Washington Post)

It was a different story for Connecticut's Democrats who didn't support Senator Joe "Bush-lite" Lieberman, who lost his primary although supported by party leaders because he had strayed too far into the Bush camp. So he is running as an Independent, and though currently leading in the polls, the Democratic candidate Ned Lamont is close on his heels.

Perhaps these two races demonstrate clearer than anything else the divide in our country. And, that primary voters were not influenced by their party leaders.

Interesting. And, a seeming win-win for Democrats in November.

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