Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavez's Fire and Brimstone

While the Bush administration has been busy tilting at oil wells in the Middle East, it has ignored the festering pools of hatred in our own back yard, South America.

"At U.N. Chavez Calls Bush 'The Devil' " is the WaPo headline. The article doesn't give the full extent of the insult. The exact words of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in his address to the U.N. were, "the devil came here yesterday.... and it smells of sulfur yet today" referring to Bush's appearance at the U.N., and further charging Bush was a "global dictator."

A new low in U.N. "diplomacy," perfectly reflecting the new low in esteem for our country, our ideals, even the U.N. itself.... especially as articulated by the self-described Chavez as the "voice of the Third World."

The Chavez comments drew everything from approving tittering to applause when Chavez called U.S. "imperialism" a menace. In a following press conference, Chavez charged the U.N. is no longer viable, and that the system needs to be "refound."

The fact that this Iran-favoring bombastic South American leader can sling insults at our country to open approval only highlights the fact that international attitudes and events are overtaking Bush, and thus each one of us.

It is obvious that Condi and an arrogant Bush don't have the foggiest of how to formulate and pursue a successful and respected foreign policy. It is time for a strong, independent Congress to put a halt to The Decider's decisions. And to demand an end to Incompetent Condi's tenure as Secretary of State.

The actions by Republican Senators McCain, Warner and Graham working with Senate Democrats to stall the Bush plan to reinterpret the Geneva Conventions is a small, but significant start.



Muck cel mic said...

So, you are proposing changing US Secretary of State and US foreign policy because of the babbling of some lunatic. Doesn't that rule give way too much power to lunatics? And is that even a rule, one you would be willing to apply in all situations? Should we also have canned Kennedy when Khrushchev banged with his shoe on the table? Yeah, I know Kennedy was not president then, but come 2008 and Democrats win the election, would you be willing to change the Secretary of State if a buffoon (I imagine Mugabe would be perfect for this role) pulled down his pants and mooned the UN Assembly?

Truth Hunter said...

muck cel mic, I guess you haven't read my posts before or you would know that I have been calling for Condi to be replaced for some time.

While Chavez may seem like a buffoon, he is a very dangerous one.

In his bumbling Middle East quest for who knows what, the Bush administration has neglected our relationship with our neighboring counties... and they are now a hotbed for anti-American sentiment and worse.

Your post was quite clever, but misses the point. Chavez isn't just another lunatic and Condi isn't up to the job.

Muck cel mic said...

So, you have another reason for firing Condi. My unsolicited advice is to stick to the real one. To demand we should fire Condi because Chavez seems to have lost his mind only weakens it.

Truth Hunter said...

muck cel mic, I appreciate your comments. Please see today's post for further on the subject.