Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bush's 9/11 Politics

On the five-year anniversary of the second date that will live in infamy, "Bush Tries to Win Over a War-Weary Nation" by continuing to link the 9/11 attack by Osama bin Laden's largely Saudi terrorists to his misbegotten, failed war with Iraq. (Washington Post)

Bush the Shameless thinks if he drowns us with his twisted rhetoric we will suddenly forget that he lied us into war. Forget the administration's ham-fisted handling of Iraq that has created a dangerous breeding-ground for terrorists and chased off disgusted and alarmed former allies. Forget that Osama is still on the loose, that Afghanistan is being overrun by drug-dealing war lords and that the Taliban is emerging as the real power in the region.

Bush reminds me of someone who shouts louder and louder to a person who doesn't speak the same language.... just shout loud enough and they'll get it.

Well, we get it all right. We get that 9/11 became a handy excuse for the Bush administration to pursue their lusted-after Middle East war, to restrict U.S. citizens liberties while at the same time turning a blind eye to border and port security in the pursuit of a Meximerica and obese corporate profits.

In the myopic pursuit of his agenda, Bush the Shameless hasn't noticed that the country has already moved on.... away from the peddling of Rove-Snow spins, away from the gutting of our Constitution, away from using our national tragedy of 9/11 as a justification for his none-too-bright and dangerous whims. We have watched in horror at his messianic tilting at oil wells.

No amount of Bush shouting will rewrite his failed place in history.... we are living his history.


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Anonymous said...

From day one when Bush wanted to go to war in Iraq I knew there was no reason for it and it as just to complete what his father hadn't finished and for the oil. He is a lier and a no good for the nation. As a country we have lost so much since he has been elected. I think it is time we should think about impeachment and getting him out of office before any thing else happens.