Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain's Happy Feet....

Dana Milbank calls it like a hoedown fiddler in.... "Put Your Right Wing In, Take Your Left Wing Out..." (WaPo) "If John McCain keeps dancing like this, he's liable to break a hip."

"Last month he shimmied to the left on energy policy infuriating conservatives with a plan to cap carbon emissions. Yesterday, he shuffled back to the right, demanding an end to quarter-century-old-bans on offshore oil drilling."

Showing off his fancy footwork, McCain grabs for his base, winks at the other voters then "slides to the right on judges and guns, jumps to the left on climate change and foreign alliances, pivots to the right on taxes and Iraq."

Not taking time to catch his breath, or pause to reflect it seems, McCain rhetorically danced in front of reporters at Four Star flags.... he waltzed to the right on "path to victory" Iraq and "lower taxes" economics, swung to the left on immigration and campaign finance reform, then promenaded back to the right on guns and God.

Twirling in place, McCain spoke for the "unique status of marriage between man and woman," while then suggesting he would let states make their own choices.

McCain's Straight Talk two-step leaves us dizzy.

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