Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Media Steps on Obama

What happened to our country?.... the media happened to our country. Today Sen. Barack Obama was giving his seminal policy speech on the Iraq war on the 5th anniversary of the conflict when....

All three major news networks cut away to bring Sen. Hillary Clinton's circus-circus rally in Michigan in her continuing effort to steal the nomination by pooh-poohing the DNC rules with shallow, divisive Rovian-preachments.

It underlines the fact that the Billary campaign will do, and say, anything to win.... and major media will aid and abet.

Before Obama and his listening audience were so rudely interrupted, he said in part that as commander in chief he would make a clear break with the Iraq policies of the Bush administration.

Our present commander in chief proclaimed in his speech today that going to war in Iraq was the right thing to do, and Sen. John McCain makes it clear he marches in lockstep with The Decider's policies. Even though there is widespread agreement that going to war in Iraq has emboldened terrorists and made our country less safe.

McSame's "policy" for Iraq still echoes.... keeping our troops for 100 years in Iraq is fine with him.

Obama did give the new commander in the field, Gen. Petraeus, credit for improved tactics, but pointed out there still is no overarching strategy for winning. Even Petraeus points out, the necessary political reconciliation needed to end the war isn't happening.

Obama describes the unending-loop of justification for keeping troops in Iraq.... first we couldn't leave because violence was up, and now we can't leave because violence is down.

Today Obama said he would set a new Iraq goal on day one of his presidency.... end the war.

Unfortunately MSNBC, CNN and FOX would not let us hear how Obama proposes to do that.


Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately MSNBC, CNN and FOX would not let us hear how Obama proposes to do that."

You don't really think that Mr. 20/20 Hindsight has a plan, do you?

Truth Hunter said...

Anon, Please refer to my last post on Obama's mostly unreported on speech on Iraq and national security.

There is a link there also to access the speech so you can judge for yourself.

As for 20/20 hindsight... I think you are confusing Obama with Hillary.