Friday, March 28, 2008

Hillary's Firefight

Hillary Clinton has made it clear.... she'll do whatever it takes to win.... whatever.

From trying to imply Barack Obama isn't up to the job of commander-in-chief or a patriot, while lauding GOP candidate John McCain in those same roles.... to using the donor muscle of the rusting Clinton $$$ political machine to pressure Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to back off of her comments that superdelegates should support the candidate who has the most pledged delegates....

To trying to capitalize on the media's dust up over Obama's pastor-gate. This week, Hillary said to the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.... owned by her once arch-enemy, "vast-right-wing conspiracy" master manipulator Richard Mellon Scaife no less.... that if she were in Obama's place she would have left the church.

She's relentlessly trying to stir up controversy over the Michigan and Florida delegates, constantly advocating that they must be seated at the Democratic convention.... though it was the choice of their state party to go against agreed upon party rules.

Still, she persists and threatens a credentials fight at the national convention, a fight that might well destroy the party nominee's chances in November.

Trying to make her First Lady forays into legionnaire duty.... dodging bullets in Bosnia and bringing peace to Northern Ireland.... when caught out she unblushing said she just "misspoke," even though she misspoke on numerous occasions and from prepared remarks.

What Hillary's flamethrower scorched-earth campaign has gotten her is a drop in the opinion polls.... eight points nationally behind Obama as of today.... while her negatives steadily rise.

As Eugene Robinson points out in "Collateral Damage" (WaPo) Hillary's anything goes approach "was always Bill Clinton's political method: Do what you have to do; apologize later, if necessary.

"But maybe what the people want this time is a real person, rather than an image or a strategy."

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