Thursday, March 06, 2008

Harkin: Play By the Rules

Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin (D) has it right.... "Seating delegates would be 'disastrous' " (DesMoinesRegister)

"Rules are rules," said Harkin, who is an uncommitted superdelegate. "We had a national schedule that everyone agreed to.... Michigan, even knowing they would not be seated, and Florida, decided to step out of the line. They are the ones that created the situation, not the DNC, and now they have to live with the consequences."

Harkin said he has talked to the DNC Chairman Howard Dean, and that Dean and other Democrats are "adamant" that the Michigan and Florida delegates not be seated.

At last, a superdelegate who speaks up.... you can't change the rules after the game has started.

It's the only fair and decent stand to take, regardless of Hillary.... and the meddling GOP's.... full court press to the contrary.

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