Sunday, August 05, 2007

"Who's Bush?" GOP Debate

The theme for today's GOP debate in Des Moines: "Bush.... embracing him at a distance, if at all."

While "GOP Hopefuls Generally Agree on Iraq," and didn't openly disavow The Decider's failed policies, they made it plain that they would have a different kind of presidency.

They would "restore," "rebuild," and "bring back." They seldom mentioned Bush.... the elephant lurking behind the curtains.... although they called on the reflected luster of JFK, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan... even Harry Truman.

By carefully tiptoeing around Bush.... and being spared the brier patch of the unasked questions on immigration, education and agriculture.... the debate leveled out at the predictable.

And.... the awards go to: Polished performance: Mitt Romney. Unabashed honesty: Ron Paul. Scariest worldview: Tom Tancredo. Where's Fred?: Tommy Thompson. Iraq breast-beating: John McCain. Religious right pandering: Sam Brownback. Weakly earnest: Mike Huckabee. Best imitation of Patton: Duncan Hunter. Remember 9/11's Mayor: Rudy Giuliani.


Valerie said...

Hi, I'm a thirtysomething reader in Georgia who saw your blog post on today's debate and just wanted to tell you that I agree with everything you said. Thanks for the good read.

darcy said...

wow you are the first I have seen to get it all right and down to a minimum of words too. You go gal, and love the name truth hunter, it means a lot to people who are seeking the truth, and you are right on cue. I can tell you have done your homework above all else.