Sunday, June 24, 2007

EU Takes a Detour

The European Union still needs a constitution because the countries can't agree on a unifying structure. It's proposed constitution is the across-the-pond version of our Homeland Security Department.... "an unwieldy, bureaucratic entity run by leaders far removed from the European people." (WaPo)

But, if el Presidente Bush has his way he'll barge forward with his own unifying plan, to wed our already unworkable corporista government to the corrupted and dangerous drug-warlord land of Mexico and a Canada with attitude.... the North American Union, his legacy.

In a Rovian move, the EU leaders are making an end run around the constitution concept, and instead are offering a "treaty" to its 27 capitals. Even this treaty was resisted, so some of its symbolism was removed, such as an EU anthem. "My Countries Tis of Thee".... er "Those".... er "Them".... just didn't work.

But, the original intent is still there. The treaty sets out rules for the future enlargement of the EU.

Our el Presidente Bush is taking notes. Expect a North American Treaty in the near future.


Pumps said...

If you do some digging, I believe
you will find that the Canadians
have some disagreements with
Bush's Mexican immigration policy..

Truth Hunter said...

Pumps, When I said a Canada with attitude, that's exactly what I meant.... they don't want any part of a North American Union.

But, Bush's Mexican immigration policy is just a small part of the total plan, he wants an EU-type of blending of the three countries.

When the American people realize what he's been up to, think you'll hear a very loud outcry....

Thanks for your thoughts.