Monday, May 07, 2007

Bush is Naming Names

OK, you know that President Bush is into nicknames. For example, he calls his political guru, Karl Rove, "Turd Blossom." Now, that's a really good nickname, except for the Blossom part.

And, you know that he gave himself the crown of "The Decider." We've had to watch in horror as he has decided us into national turmoil.

Now, The Decider has anointed himself with a different nickname. While speaking to the Associated General Contractors of America recently, and opining on whether the Congress or the commanders should decide how many U.S. troops are needed in Iraq, The Decider said: "And, as you know, my position is clear - I'm the Commander Guy."

As Eugene Robinson wondered in "Lost in the Fog With Commander Guy," is he The Decider or the Commander Guy.... "Or does he spend some days deciding and other days commanding."

As our Commander Guy, here is his latest pearl of wisdom about the war in Iraq.... "Either we'll succeed or we won't succeed." Deep.

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