Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stop the Madness!

If you think we were misled into war in Iraq......our budget deficit and Congressional spending is fiscally suicidal......our borders and ports desperately need to be secured......greedy corporations have seduced government......our water, air and planet need immediate TLC......Medicare and Social Security are off track......the current "No Child Left Behind" program is leaving children behind.......that government must have "checks and balances," and our current leadership isn't listening to the electorate......

Then, your voice and vote must count in November!

And, you must insure that your vote counts!

Support the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (H.R.550) which will mandate an effective and meaningful voter-verified paper record and independent audit requirements for counting election results.

This bipartisan legislation has been endorsed by voting integrity experts as the "gold standard" in verifiability legislation.

Representative democracy lives or dies based on the integrity of its elections.

Please contact your Representatives and urge them to support this crucial legislation (H.R.550) in time to protect the 2006 November elections.

It's time to take back our government!

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Nima said...

Dear Nancy!

Hearing "I have bookmarked your blog and will certainly follow it with great interest", I got so appreciative of you. It is honor for me that my blog is interesting for you.

I am so sorry about Ahmadinejad's statements in connection with wiping out Israel and denying the Holocaust. He has not come to save his nation, nor does save the other nations naturally. He is suspect to participate in killing political persons inside Iran in some years ago. What can we expect of such a man?

Yes, as you know probably we have parliament here and we can hear its proceedings live. There is independent press, but, after the last election, newspapers are under rigid control. Some years ago, when reformists were up and when your country and Israel insist on resigning Yaser Arafat, so many of our people and political activists advocated Arafat as a kind of moderate person, while the regime was angry with him. Then, it is possible to put regime under pressure by people. But now, we are in the military and security conditions and protest, not only would be of no avail, but might be taken as a betrayal!

If you will really read my posts, please notify me about my probable mistakes and non-fluent sentences in English.
I will be so thankful
With all due respect