Thursday, April 27, 2006

Snow Jobs

Yesterday, in a televised briefing to the press, President Bush introduced the new White House press secretary, former conservative FOX "fair and balanced" network commentator, Tony Snow.

After both Bush and Snow assured the press that they want to be less insular, and to work more closely with them, they took their leave ignoring the questions asked by NBC White House correspondent David Gregory and others....the new WH press secretary and Bush the Communicator took no questions!

Another "snow job" usual, don't depend on what the Bushies say, watch what they do.

More bad news for the White House yesterday, Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove, appeared for the fifth time before the grand jury investigating the CIA leak case. That's a lot of appearances for someone who was just in the back seat singing. Bush and Cheney had better keep moving, the wave of scrutiny is lapping at their heels.

More news yesterday..... port security legislation is being watered down thanks to corporate lobbying pressure...... and, the GOP House is sneaking through a timid ethics bill that won't deprive our august Representatives of their meals and gifts from this army of lobbyists.

I don't envy Snow his new explainer-in-chief job, he'll need a very big broom to keep things tidy behind this reckless GOP elephant.

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M.Berke said...

Hmmm... Wonder if Mr. Snow is going to keep his job at Fox - sort of an expansion of duties.