Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bolten Swings Hammer

A teary-eyed White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, announced his resignation today alongside his rat-laugh boss, Pres. George Bush (wonder what Bush found so funny just before Scotty fell on his sword).

Scotty had to go.....yet in many ways he perfectly reflected the Bush arena.

We give Scotty credit for being very earnest, but he just wasn't up to the job. The press secretary is supposed to articulate the policy of the Bush White House. Scotty had a limited range of expession. He wasn't fast on his feet. He didn't lie very well......

The new GOP Hammer, WH Chief of Staff, Joshua Bolten, also ripped the revered policy portfolio from WH Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove's sweaty grasp....Karl is leaving the policy post to "spend more time on politics as the mid-term elections approach" according to the Washington Post.


Karl, Karl, Karl....we tried to tell you the country isn't happy......Bush's poll ratings are lower than a Texas rattlesnake's slither.

But, will the new Deputy Chief of Staff for policy, Joel Kaplan, be any different? He was the number two man under Bolten at Budget.

Or is Bolten just hammering the same bent nails into different holes?

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