Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obama and Charles I

By a disappointed Obama supporter.

President Barack Obama is on the path to becoming an unfortunate example of what results when a person lacks the personal strengths and special qualities needed for national leadership.

Though an undisputed gentleman and far more moral than most politicians, it appears he simply may not be presidential material. While his experience and inclinations are toward consensus-building, an admirable esoteric approach, he seems unable to abandon this when encountering the proverbial “brick wall”….known as the GOP…. and just lead.

This suggests personal weakness and a lack of will as he compromises his way down the blind alleys of false promises by those willing him to fail. This too often leads to ineffective half-measures or worse.

Obama not only has this blind political eye, but he has the uncanny ability to pick the wrong fights, at the wrong times, and sometimes it seems, for the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t suspect this of himself. Placed in tumultuous times, Obama seems confidently headed toward disaster. His personality is becoming his, and our, fate…. "Character is destiny."

There is an eerie similarity between Obama’s personality and that of King Charles I of England, also a fine gentleman thrust into the turmoil of his times, but not up to the task…. his reign ushered in the English Civil War as religious extremists gained the upper hand and overthrew the monarchy.

The causes of the English Civil War had its roots in the struggles of the religious reformation and the neglect of the middle classes. It tested the prerogative of the king and challenged the theory of divine right. War raged between Parliamentarians, Royalists, and every religious sect in England.

Today we see the middle class beset and floundering, their fears being stoked by fear-mongering media charlatans and power-hungry politicians claiming the moral and political high ground. Many government officials and legislators at all levels dance to the tune of corporatists who are uninterested in our national health, beholden only to their personal wealth and the “bottom line.”

Add to this the Christian fundamentalists who are relentlessly working to make their religious beliefs law, and to disenfranchise non-believers. Our form of government and very way of life is at a crossroads. It's a Charles I moment.

And Obama is responding like Charles I. The latest ... after Obama exercised what he obviously considers his prerogative to thrust us into yet another Middle-East war, and a tribal civil war at that however monstrous its leader, he jetted off with his wife and children on a “job-creating” trip to South America, thus giving it the appearance of a family vacation while the Tomahawks were launched on Libya. Charles I would approve.

A clear-sighted leader would certainly have re-scheduled the trip, or at the very least, left the wife and daughters (and mother-in-law) at the White House. This is just his latest error in judgment as an economically floundering and priority-challenged nation seeks other leaders, in all the wrong places, and makes him an easy target for his detractors.

Not long after Obama was inaugurated, this blog implored him to drop the canned presentations, scrap the prompters, and speak from his heart. Perhaps that was asking too much…. his heart just doesn’t seem to be in it.

Obama has expressed his admiration for the pivotal administrations of Lincoln and Reagan. Yet, he seems instead to be obliviously channeling Charles I as his supporters and detractors alike grab his slack reins and head off in perhaps disastrous directions