Saturday, October 04, 2008

McRove Stoops to Character Assassination

The word is out "McCain Plans Fiercer Strategy Against Obama" (WaPo).... John McCain thinks he can win by attacking Barack Obama's "judgment, honesty and personal associations."

This is the Rovian Swiftboating tactic utilized with great success against John Kerry in 2004.... and, by The Decider in the GOP 2000 presidential primaries against McCain himself. At the time, McCain was enraged by such tactics. Now, power-grasping ambition has so blunted his moral compass that McCain is willing to cast aside the one thing that drew people to him, his code of honor.

But, as his interview with The Des Moines Register editorial staff last Tuesday showed, McCain justifies such tactics, at least in public, as truth telling on his part, when in fact it is anything but.

With McSame's 90 percent support of the Bush administration's disastrously failed domestic and foreign policies and promises of more of the same..... and, in the face of a dangerously floundering economy on The Decider's watch.... about the only thing left is to change the subject with a Swiftboating attack on Obama's character. Sad.

November 4.

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Anonymous said...

If McCain takes the gloves off, then Obama should follow suit by demanding certified copies of the health records of this 72-year old egomaniac. In addition to his questionable mental stability, McCain had had four bouts of cancer, which could easily put his mindless Alaskan Go-Go Playmate in the oval office. That's how much he cares about this country...