Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Bailing Out Campaign?

John McCain's problem is that he, and his Greedy Ol' Party, have driven our economy into the dumper.... trickle by trickle.

So..... McCain decided to dive on the bailout treetops, a familiar diversionary tactic by a showboating fighter-pilot.

As Harold Meyerson points out in McCain's Ploy.... (WaPo) "if you're named John McCain, the answer became apparent yesterday afternoon -- make the solution to the economic crisis all about you.

"Suspend your campaign. Pull out of tomorrow's debate -- a trivial exercise merely allowing Americans to judge the two candidates side by side. Change the terms of the nation's economic discussion from the course we should take, and the defects of the laissez-faire model that got us here, to the indispensability of John McCain, leader of leaders."

Meyerson asks.... "Can McCain pull this off -- persuading the public to forget how he and his fellow Reagan Republicans changed the nation's economic rules in ways that allowed Wall Street to run amok, and refocusing its attention on his decisiveness at this moment of crisis?"

With McCain's falling poll numbers, continuing misstatements and position reversals as he shoots from the lip, it seems, as Sen. Christopher Dodd remarked yesterday, that McCain is trying to rescue his campaign not the country.

With his recent duplicitous behavior, it seems a risky move for him to focus on the strength of his character. Our economy isn't the only thing tanking.... McCain's Straight Talk showboat has sprung a leak and his latest ploy isn't likely to bail him out.


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