Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hillary's Sour Grapes

Here's a riddle.... What are you if you are in a cinderblock no-frills gym, two stories below ground with no TV, and cell phones and blackberries don't work.... you have no contact with the outside world?

You're a POW? Being held for ransom?

No, you're a Hillary Clinton supporter last Tuesday attending her televised final primary-season election-night event at Baruch College. (ABC News) Held hostage to Hillary ambitions.

You hear head barkerTerry McAwful declare Hillary the next president of the United States, you hear her crow how she won the final contest (Montana polls hadn't closed yet, Barack Obama won) and how she would be the best president even though Obama became the presumptive nominee at least thirty minutes before her you'll-hear-only-what-we-want-you-to-hear speech.

You see, the TV audience must see only happy, enthusiastic Clintonites chanting for their Evita.

In her weirdly out-of-touch speech Hillary asks her supporters to go to her website and let her know their thoughts on moving forward.... or more to the point, send money to help pay off her campaign debts since you can't leave a comment without going to her contribution page.

Not a word about rallying around Obama, just flunkie-fronted hints on that final-primary day that she might like to be VP, or perhaps she'll take her fight to the Denver convention.... or who knows what, in Hillary's "it's all about me" world.

Now, amid much soap-operaish handwringing, and pressure from her flagging, disillusioned and deserting fellow Democratic lawmakers, she's announced she'll "suspend" her campaign on Saturday.... you know, quit stomping her sour grapes.... and "extend my congratulations to Senator Obama and my support for his candidacy." (WaPo)

But she's not conceding, oh no. Who knows what can happen she has mused, after all Robert Kennedy was assassinated during his presidential campaign in June.... forty years ago today as it happens.

It's past time for Hillary's badly-served supporters to come out of their "it's all about Hillary" bunker, and into the sunlight of hope and change. Yes you can!

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