Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unintelligent Designs

Hillary Clinton is doggedly, with "Fatal Attraction" scariness, pursuing the Democratic presidential nomination using her own math.... "Barack Obama will have over half of the pledged delegates, so I win!"

There is definitely a method here, ignore the facts.... just keep advocating.

So too are the "flat-earthers" equally fanatical in their determination to blur the lines between their agenda and science, now with red-herring arguments about "academic freedom" to undermine the teaching of evolution.

"Creationism's Latest Mutation" (WaPo) explains the current legislative push to award creationism equal classroom standing with evolution. Bills in five states that "would protect teachers critical of the findings of Charles Darwin" have appeared and other states are considering similar moves..... a "perverse" and "misguided effort" to advance creationism under the false guise of academic freedom.

This is akin to insisting that two plus two equals anything but four and legislating for "academic freedom" in order to give equal standing to such a notion.

Just as Hillary's destructive and selfish "fight" for the nomination depends on fuzzy math, the strategy being pursued to insert religion into the classroom depends on fuzzy science.... and the relentless fanaticism to keep lurking about academic halls and classrooms stalking Darwin.

Because deception is the mistress of false zealotry, fidelity to truth demands constant vigilance.

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