Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama and Iowa Celebrate!

There are primaries this Tuesday in Oregon and Kentucky. A big win in Oregon should give Obama more than half of the pledged delegates. So.... Obama has elected to celebrate with the ones who brung 'im, "Obama to Return to Iowa, Possibly to Claim Victory." (NY Times)

An overwhelming victory in Oregon for Obama is definitely in the air as "75,000 Attend Obama Rally in Portland." on Sunday. (MSNBC Firstread) Obama's biggest rally of the campaign to date.

It was Obama's Iowa caucus win over John Edwards and Hillary Clinton that breathed life and viability into his historic quest to become the Democratic candidate for president.

Against the odds of a scorched-earth Clinton political machine, the sniping of a terrified GOP preferring to run against a high-negatives Hillary, the lingering whiff of racial bias, the high-octane destructive rants of Obama's former pastor Rev. Wright.... even the conniving of Limbaugh dittoheads voting for Hillary Clinton in Operation Chaos...

Against all of these odds it seems an almost certainty that Obama will become not only the first African American candidate for the presidency, but has a better than 50-50 chance of becoming the first African American president of the United States.

On Tuesday Obama will revisit Iowa where his feet were firmly planted on the path to the White House.... 95 percent white Iowa, with politically-educated caucus-goers who listened and were energized by his politics of hope, inclusion and change.

Iowa, a swing state in November, won't forget Obama now. His second beginning starts Tuesday in Iowa.... the pledged-delegate benchmark heralding the beginning of Obama's national campaign. It's fitting that Obama.... Iowa's "favorite son".... touches home.

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