Sunday, May 18, 2008

McCain's Muddy Roadmap

Listen up!

Dick Morris, the spurned toe-sucking friend of and political-guru for Bill Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign... now a scores-to-settle political analyst for Fox News.... has weighed in on the current presidential campaign in "Obama Has the Upper Hand. But McCain Can Still Take Him." (WaPo)

He sums up his view of the race.... "A candidate who cannot get elected [Barack Obama] is being nominated by a party that cannot be defeated, while a candidate who is eminently electable [John McCain] is running as the nominee of a party doomed to defeat.

"In this environment, McCain can win by running to the center."

Which only highlights what is really wrong with politics in American today. Advisers who want the candidate to say anything regardless of their real convictions in order to win. Run here, run there, run anywhere there are votes. And, McCain seems to be sucking up the hackneyed Morris ideas like a sponge in a cesspool.

McCain was okay with unending war in Iraq, but now he says "most" troops will be out by 2013. He sponsored and fought hard for corporate-pleasing amnesty legislation for illegal aliens, but now says we have to go slow and secure the borders first. He dismissed global warming, but now he's greener than the Jolly Giant. In fact, he's swerving to the center so fast his Straight Talk bus is about to rollover like a bellyrub-begging pooch.

There definitely was a time when a candidate could abandon his previously held positions to pander and waffle to get the vote, and then revert when elected. Take The Decider, for example. When he ran for the presidency he said we should not involve ourselves in nation building, he was for smaller government and a balanced budget.

But, those weren't the real Bush policies, they were Morris-prescriptions for winning since Bush has involved us in nation building in Iraq, installed a bloated government of Homeland Security and No Child Left Behind bureaucracies, and presided.... along with a complicit GOP-controlled Congress.... over the wholesale selling of America while incurring monstrous debts.

Morris is advocating just such a disingenuous campaign. And, while McCain is courting the center, Morris crows that the right wing can do McCain's "swiftboat" mudslinging a' la Rev. Wright. Have no doubt, Obama's in for a bumpy ride as he navigates his "one America" course.

But Morris hasn't factored the public's savvy into the equation. In this YouTube world, every McCain policy detour will be billboarded, every flip-flop becomes a pothole on the road to the White House.

Someone needs to point out to Morris that Obama has the upper hand because he a leader with convictions running against a morally bankrupt GOP spin machine. Morris needs to take his forked-tongue and retire to the dustbin of political losers.

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