Thursday, May 08, 2008

Limbaugh's Ditto-Duds

Conservative ditto-cult leader Rush Limbaugh likes to call himself a great American.

Who is he kidding?

In order to massage his massive ego, Limbaugh urged his GOP ditto-head listeners to once again cross-over vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This time in the Indiana and North Carolina primaries Tuesday in order to "bloody up Obama politically" and prolong the Democratic fight.

The right to vote is the bedrock of our democracy, countless thousands have fought and died for this precious right.... and Limbaugh thinks perverting of this process through "Operation Chaos" is high excitement as he scrabbles for ratings.

Today Alex MacGillis and Peter Slevin of the Washington Post ask, "Did Rush Limbaugh Tilt Result in Indiana?"

Barack Obama lost to Hillary Clinton in Indiana by just 14,000 votes out of the hundreds of thousands cast. Exit polling identified ten percent of the voters as Republicans, with 8 in ten of them voting for Clinton although they said they would vote for GOP candidate John McCain in the general election.

Yesterday Limbaugh crowed all day about the success of "Operation Chaos" with on-air testimonials from his ditto-heads who recounted their glee in casting a Chaos vote for Clinton.

Most disturbing isn't Limbaugh's usual vapid squawking, most disturbing are the Americans willing to take their marching orders from such a shallow narcissistic vessel in order to undermine our democratic process.

Maybe Limbaugh and his ditto-duds should take a walk around a military cemetery, or visit a Revolutionary War memorial.... but then again maybe not.

They might find the gravestones the perfect place to scribble graffiti, or the memorial grounds a great place for pro-Clinton billboards.... ha, ha, ha. Ain't they got fun.

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WOW are we soulmates, Lady Truth. I don't worry about Limbaugh who will soon croak of drug OD. But I worry about the Diebold voting machine memory cards, in OHIO and elsewhere. Calif threw the company out, hopefully Floridians will be far more vigilant about the hacker files through which votes were added to Bush's totals. But BE VIGILANT and RECORD YOUR VOTES ON CAMERA, folks.