Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Invokes the "A" Word

How low will Hillary go in pursuit of her lost campaign for the White House?

We found out yesterday.

In an interview with the editorial board of The Sioux Falls Argus Leader she opined... "My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right?" Adding "We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California."

Hillary enablers were quick to point out that she was just talking about the timeline.... June.... as a month where things could happen.... as if that justified uttering the "A" word in this highly-charged contest.

Assassination. How could she? But, evidently this has been one of her long-standing rationales for staying in the race after there was no mathematical way she could succeed.

According to "Clinton Remark on Robert Kennedy's Killing Stirs Uproar" in the New York Times, criticism of this oft-made argument caught Hillary off guard, "campaign aides were taken aback by the quick reaction to her remarks, but then quickly realized that Mrs. Clinton had to backpedal."

And, what was Hillary's backpedal..."I was discussing the Democratic primary history.... campaigns that both my husband and Senator Kennedy waged in California in June, in 1992 and 1968 .... to make the point that we have had nomination primary contests that go into June. That's a historical fact."

Facts are funny things, Hillary.

Because you can check them. On page 407 of your husband's autobiography, "My Life" he said about the New York primary on April 7, 1992 and the other primaries that day.... "we also won in Kansas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. On April 9, Paul Tsongas announced that he would not reenter the race. The fight for the nomination was effectively over. I had more than half the 2,145 delegates I needed to be nominated....."

Funny, Bill thought the 1992 primary fight was over on April 7.... not June. And, his benchmark.... he had over half of the delegates, just as Barack Obama has over half of the pledged delegates.

The New York Times thought Bill had wrapped up the nomination even earlier, in March of 1992.... "he was viewed as having secured it in March, when his last serious opponent dropped out."

Can anyone really believe that Hillary was the only one who didn't know Bill's campaign was "wrapped up" months before June of 1992. Can anyone seriously think that mentioning the tragic Kennedy assassination wasn't one of the "catastrophes" she had in mind as being a reason to stay in the race.

Even Bobby Kennedy's son, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said yesterday.... "I've heard her make that argument before, it sounds like she was invoking a familiar historical circumstance in support of her argument for continuing her campaign."

No need to point out the great risks Barack Obama is facing as the first viable African-American presidential candidate. Even giving voice to thoughts of assassination could unleash the action.

Ignoring Hillary's divisive race and class baiting comments such as "hardworking whites," her linking of the continuation of her presidential campaign with the assassination of a rival candidate in June is.... really, there are no words for the disgrace of such low behavior.

If there is a silver lining to this dark incident, it would be that it should remove the unsavory possibility that Hillary would be Obama's vice president.... and just a heartbeat away from her fanatical ambition.

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