Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hillary... Exit Now

The voters in North Carolina and much of Indiana didn't buy it. Hillary.... the $104-million-woman.... and her "gas tax holiday." She lost "big time" when she needed to win "big time" to even have a chance at the Democratic presidential nomination.

Her temporary 30-cents-a day tip was a pittance against skyrocketing gas prices. A tip that would eliminate the jobs of thousands of highway and bridge construction workers.... a tip that economists said would only make the deteriorating energy situation worse.

But, Hillary was counting on greedy voters, dim-witted voters who didn't quite get it, panting after their 30 cent tip.

Barack Obama's argument against the gas "holiday" spoke to the intelligence of the voters.... it was nuanced and depended on voters understanding it was such short-term feel-good political pandering that put us in this fix when what is needed is a real and sustainable energy policy.

What a contrast to the hard-bitten Hillary who strutted her primary macho stuff, dropping her "g"s in true Quickdraw Bush fashion.... doin' and workin'.... as she mingled among her little people.

Maureen Dowd describes how Hillary "crawled through glass" in an attempt to play the everywoman role in "Butterflies Aren't Free".... "Talking up guns, going to the Auto Racing Hall of Fame, speaking from the back of pickup trucks and doing shots of populism with a cynicism chaser, Hillary emerged from a lifetime of government limos to bask as queen of the blue-collar prom."

Just how far is Hillary willing to crawl over broken glass to sate her ambitions? As Dowd commiserates... "heaven help the Democrats as the try to shake off Hillary.

"On top of her inane vows to obliterate Iran, OPEC and the summer gas tax, she plans 'a nuclear option' during her Shermanesque march to Denver." (NYTimes)

Obama's patriotic victory speech in Raleigh.... "telling the truth forcefully, repeatedly, confidently".... answers the hunger in voters for the real deal after nearly eight years of a lyin' cowboy.

There is no way Hillary can win short of taking down both Obama and the Democratic party.

The curtain is coming down on Hillary's charade.... it's up to her whether she takes a bow and quickly exits with a pretense of dignity, or whether she insists on remaining stage-center in a frenzied performance that can only end in boos and the hook.

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