Friday, May 23, 2008

Billary: Here's Your Hat and Coat.....

Like the in-laws from hell... Hill and Bill have planted themselves in our national living rooms and show no sign of leaving. But.... maybe if we give them "What Hillary Wants"... (WaPo)

Will they leave if we to offer to pay Hillary's campaign-overspending bills.... or, show them the nice vice presidency house down the block?

Maybe we can drop big hints suggesting they move on... will they leave then? "Dream on," Eugene Robinson sighs, at this point, Hillary's "campaign is about getting to tomorrow, and then getting to the next day, and then getting to the day after that."

Hill and Bill aren't leaving because they want the house.... the White House. As Robinson sees it, "Clinton knows that even the disputed delegates she 'won' in Florida and Michigan won't get her to the magic number she needs to win the nomination.... Hillary Clinton is after the White House, and if that means using the Florida and Michigan 'issue' to tie the party in knots until the convention, so be it.

"If that's not what the party leaders want, they'd better do something," Robinson advises.

Otherwise, the Billaries will just keep hangin' around, riling up the neighbors, teaching the kids bad math and false logic, and driving off voters who would have welcomed a principled Democrat in the White House come November.

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