Sunday, April 20, 2008

Iowa's Yepsen Floats Biden for VP

Iowa's most famous political tea-leaf reader, Des Moines Register columnist David Yepsen, has peered into the Democratic presidential brew and intoned.... "Consider Biden for No. 2 Spot."

What he wisely sees is that neither Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are likely to pick the other for Vice President. Too many reckless charges have been flung about, especially from trash-talking Hillary even though it's almost a certainty that she can't.... and won't.... win the nomination.

Trash that is costing both Obama and Clinton support, support being diverted to GOP candidate John McCain who has shifted his "More Bush" road show into high gear.... unopposed.

What are Dems to do?

Turn to Senator Joe Biden, as the "perfect running mate for either Clinton or Obama".... acceptable and respected by both sides.... and McSame's nightmare road bump.

The seasoned Biden, while charming and charismatic, has the "grit and gravitas" that would cast him as the perfect campaign "pit bull." He could get in McSame's face over the war.... as the "chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he knows the difference between the Shia and the Sunni."

Biden, an acknowledged Iraq war expert on both sides of the aisle, has a strategy for how to disengage responsibly from the deadly quagmire. He's long warned that the Middle East hot spot isn't Iraq, but the mountainous western border of Pakistan, where al-Qaeda holes up and feeds its revitalized terrorist tentacles.

'Bama and Biden '08.... the perfect blending of vision and veracity.

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