Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary's "Voodoo" Math

We've watched The Decider shred the Constitution.... "just a piece of paper".... and write executive orders for any parts of legislation he didn't want to follow.

Through a series of Attorney General enablers, the Bush administration has thumbed its nose at laws, and the enforcement of laws.... lying, destroying evidence, perverting justice.... an ends-justify-the-means mentality.

Now, Hillary Clinton is trying to foist the same convoluted moves on the Democratic electorate as Newsweek points out in "What's the Magic Metric?"

"Talk about playing the numbers. The morning after her Pennsylvania primary win, Hillary Clinton's aides staked out the aisle of the press plane and proclaimed that with Pennsylvania's big victory, Clinton had surged ahead of Barack Obama in the popular vote total..." if they count the Michigan and Florida votes even though the Democratic party stripped them of their delegates for violation of party rules, and if the caucus states aren't counted.

The nominating contest winner according to the agreed-upon rules is the one with the winning number of delegates, the popular vote isn't in play although this is now Clinton's metric.

Since Clinton can't overtake Barack Obama's insurmountable lead in elected delegates.... which are the measure of the winner.... she's trying to move the goal posts by disregarding the rules and with voodoo math declaring she's ahead in the popular vote.

Clinton is using this ignore-the-rules tactic in an effort to convince the superdelegates to go against the delegate outcome of the primaries and caucuses and vote for her. Anything goes as long as she wins. And, the first thing to go is playing by the rules.

Hillary's rude elbowing aside of the established Democratic party nominating process is just more my-way-or-the-highway manipulative Bush arrogance in a pants suit.

Is this what we need in the White House?

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