Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Billary... the "Freddy" Factor

Today Dan Balz of the Washington Post posits "8 Questions About the Pennsylvania Primary."

Balz asks in part.... what will it take to be declared the winner in Pennsylvania today... what is the most important remaining contest after Pennsylvania.... will Democratic superdelegates coalesce, or could it go to the convention?

All good questions, but perhaps the best came from Jon Stewart on his show last night.... he asked Barack Obama if he won the primaries and then the presidency, at his inauguration will Hillary Clinton still be running?

A chuckle.... but really, it's not funny. Billary's "kitchen sink" campaign reflects their desperation and inability to accept the fact that the Democratic party isn't their private sandbox, and the contest for the White House isn't Hillary's predestined coronation.

Like annoying nonstop Freddy Krueger horror sequels, Hillary won't go away.

The answer to Balz's questions is.... it doesn't matter. Hillary will declare victory in Pennsylvania and put on her Hoosier shirt and North Carolina twang for the coming May contests and keep condescendingly telling us that only she knows what's best.

What would be best for the country and the Democratic party's chance for success in November would be for Billary to put the greater good first and their selfish ambitions second. When pigs fly!

So, how to stop Billary's bloodletting so the Democratic party can reverse the consequences of Balz's eighth question.... "Has John McCain used this period effectively to get ready for the general election?" Of course he has... he's running unopposed while Obama and Hillary are engaged in unproductive and expensive postmortem primaries.

There is no way that Hillary can overtake Obama in number of states won, number of delegates selected by the voters, or the popular vote. Unless the sky falls in Pennsylvania today.... it's over.

Superdelegates..... show us why you're super. Ratify the choice of the majority of Democratic voters. Now.

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