Monday, March 31, 2008

GOP in Hillary's Corner

Have you noticed how many Republicans are encouraging Hillary Clinton to "stay in the fight."

Saying Florida and Michigan should be counted..... that everyone should have a voice.... even though John McCain was coronated long before all GOP voters got their say.

Neocon pundit William Kristol tipped the GOP's hand in today's op-ed "Biography Isn't Enough" (NYTimes).

"As Obama and Clinton go at it over the next couple of months, McCain can ignore the Democrats and set forth his own policy agenda. His focus on substance could provide a nice contrast to their political bickering...."

Hillary can drag out the primary process, she can listen to the GOP apparatchiks, she can tear the party apart and clear the path for a McCain presidency. But, she can't win the nomination.

Instead of hiding behind "not taking sides" homilies, the DNC needs to step up.... the Queen has no clothes.

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