Saturday, February 02, 2008

Those Who Know McCain....

Remember the moment in the GOP presidential debate this week when Arizona Senator John McCain turned on former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney with the barb that those who know Romney best, like his conservative hometown newspaper in Boston, didn't endorse him.

So, how does McCain explain this headline from the Washington Post.... "Immigration Battle Divides Arizona GOP, Many Activists Despise McCain."

It seems at the grassroots level McCain is loathed by many in Arizona's GOP who think McCain is a traitor to conservative causes, but especially because of his advocacy of amnesty for illegal immigrants.... a mushrooming problem making many Arizona streets unsafe and negatively impacting the everyday lives of his constituents.... a problem they call "the invasion."

Will this outcry cause McCain to lose his home state on next Super Tuesday?.... probably not. But his candidacy spells trouble ahead for the GOP, capsulized by the outraged in Arizona's GOP who label McCain, the increasingly likely GOP presidential nominee, as "despicable. Dishonest. Duplicitous."

Even the Republican Party chairman in McCain's home district accuses him of not being a conservative, and that McCain's Straight Talk Express campaign bus should be renamed.... "We call it the Forked Tongue Express around here. He'll lie about anything."

And, they're the ones who know him best.

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