Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hillary's Cheap Talk

An increasingly desperate Hillary Clinton says of her increasingly popular opponent, Barack Obama.... "Words are cheap".... thus giving truth to the statement, but only as reflected in her own tawdry barb.

Unfortunately for her, it's not Obama's words that bring her down, but her own cheap-shot campaign tactics as compared with the vision of hope that Obama articulates like no other. Making his presidential run more than a campaign..... but a movement.

Toward tomorrow. Toward change. Toward a newly discovered old-fashioned notion.... decency in government. And common courtesy toward those who disagree.

Nothing is working for Hillary.... not her angry, scolding, race-baiting husband's methods, nor her "35 years of experience", nor evidently her campaign manager. Making the fired Patti Solis Doyle the scapegoat for Hillay's failure as a campaigner reminds us of the seamy side of the Clinton White House years.... their quick abandonment of those they no longer find useful.

In the larger context of Hillary's charge that words are cheap, is her accusation that Obama lacks ideas and has copied her plans.

But, as Obama's campaign manager Bill Burton points out.... "Hillary Clinton should tell the people of Ohio the truth - she once bragged about helping to pass the nuclear bill she's now criticizing Obama for, she came out with her plan for green jobs one month after Obama did.... Senator Clinton may have said that attacks and distortions are the 'fun' and 'exciting' part of the campaign, but they're exactly what everyone else in America is tired of," he said. (

How true.

Words do matter. Words of leadership, of inclusion, of hope. Americans have had to bear the uninspiring rhetoric of The Decider which ranges from "I'm just reading this because it's part of my job" speeches to "be very afraid" manipulative warnings when attempting to stampede acceptance of his monstrous agenda.

Hillary's elbowing tactics are exactly what the electorate doesn't want. They want to turn the page. To move forward and away from "cheap" politics as usual

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Julian's blog said...

Dear What Happened:
Words, in fact, have power.
Because Hillary lacks knowledge of this, she is failing miserably in the polls currently.