Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Bush "Voodoo Economics"

The tax cuts for corporations and the rich along with an unprecedented spending spree.... the "trickle down" economic policies of the Bush administration.... have brought the country to an economic cliff, teetering on financial collapse, our dollar in free-fall.

Does Bush consider a targeted increase in taxes, pulling back from overspending? No. "Bush Proposes $145 Billion Stimulus Plan" (WaPo). King George wants to give us cake.... up to $800 per qualified taxpayer.

Ramp up the printing presses, Bush needs more money!

Discouragingly, both parties on the Hill praised this short-sighted plan.... but Wall Street wasn't impressed. They know investors are fearful of a "recession amid a severe housing crunch, high energy prices and stagnant job growth."

Some Democrats assailed the plan for leaving out the very poor 50 million low-income workers who do not pay income taxes... while Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards clear-sightedly warned that such a plan is "making matters worse."

No one has mentioned where the whopping billions are coming from.... Bush and Congress don't want to tell us that they'll have to borrow again from other countries, putting us deeper in debt and further weakening the dollar while not addressing the root causes.... corporations that "trickle up" and runaway spending.

As usual of late, most politicos take a voter-pandering stance to the Flim-Flam Man's panicky plan, ignoring the big picture.

Don't expect fiscal responsibility from anyone in the current administration or Congress.... that would take political courage and what's best for the country.... that "check's in the mail."

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Anonymous said...

By all means...let's not overlook
the illegal aliens that'll be on the government's giveaway list. Those untold billions of dollars will be promptly wired back to Mexico.
Simply wonderful.