Monday, January 28, 2008

McCain... Bush on Steroids

Because of his service to our country and years in captivity as a POW in Hanoi, Sen. John McCain is respected, even revered, by many.

But, unlike others who have experienced war.... for instance President Eisenhower, who as U.S. General of the Army and commander of allied forces in Europe during WWII, ever after abhorred war and warned of the "military-industrial complex" taking the country into war.... McCain is daily making it increasingly clear, he'll be a war president.

Talking about the casualties of war at a campaign stop Sunday, and what will be the need for more medical facilities for the many anticipated "combat wounds," he gave his straight-talk assessment.... "There's going to be other wars," and repeated "I'm sorry to tell you, there's going to be other wars. We will never surrender but there will be other wars." (YouTube video)

Other wars? Never surrender? Is this a presidential candidate or a latter-day Dr. Strangelove?

For those looking for a president who can, and evidently will, keep us in costly wars.... McCain's your guy. It's not like we had no idea that war is his shtick. After all, he gave us his rendition of a Beach Boys song last April.... "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran." (YouTube video)

And, let's not forget his opining that he would support having troops in Iraq for a 100 years.

Of course, some of this macho talk is to divert the campaign rhetoric away from our limping economy.... an economy in trouble in no small part due to the devastating cost of the Iraq war.... because his strongest opponent Mitt Romney claims expertise in the economic arena while that admittedly isn't McCain's strong suit.

For those who bemoan our very long campaign season, look at it this way. The constant campaigning spotlight will eventually illuminate the nooks and crannies where each candidate ticks.... and, in McCain's case, we are slowly realizing it's not a pretty picture.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, McCain is sounding like he wants be our next "glorious" war president. Bush and McCain are both misguided and clueless in not understanding that traditional wars, especially in the Middle East, can no longer be effective. The world has changed. Military pounding of adversaries into submission will not bring peace. It will only increase perpetual conflict, retaliation and suffering. McCain is not my guy.