Thursday, January 31, 2008

McCain and Romney Square Off

Desperate to swerve the debate toward his self-declared area of expertise..... war.... Sen. John McCain accused opponent Mitt Romney in last night's CNN Republican presidential debate of supporting (gasp) timetables for withdrawing U.S. troops from the Iraq battlefield.

Romney defended himself by pointing out that McCain was using misleading statements and stooping to "dirty tricks" yada, yada, yada.... you get the idea. The Bickersons held forth most of the evening with Romney appearing as the harried grownup to a McCain who smirked his way through questions he seemed to know little about and the answers of others.

Mike Huckabee and Rep. Ron Paul showed up for the debate but were mostly onlookers issuing I'm-the-most-conservative proclamations when given the chance.... Paul was his usual straight-shooting "canary in the coal mine" while Huckabee managed to entertain.

In what was the minuet-moment of the debate, when asked "Are we better off economically than we were eight years ago?" all except Paul tried to express their sense of gloom over the economy while tiptoeing around The Decider's culpability.

The debate was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, a fitting altar for the worshipful chanting of Reagan's name at every opportunity as a frail Nancy sat smiling in the audience.

Tonight Democratic candidates Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton debate on CNN.

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