Sunday, January 13, 2008

Letter to Michigan Voters

Dear Michigan Republicans.... It's up to you to speak for the many who don't want to go down the aisle of theological politics to genuflect before the alter of a self-righteous privacy-invading government.

It's your chance to shun the revival tent of presidential candidate and former Baptist minister Mike Huckabee who wants to be Pastor-in-Chief because being Commander-in-Chief would require some clue about international affairs.

Huckabee preached on "Meet the Press" on CBS this morning that he wants to "recapture the soul" of our nation. Besides cornering the soul of the nation.... "Huckabee: Evangelical Christians Now Have a Chance to Lead GOP," (WaPo).... he'll use his nomination to convert the Republican Party into the Grand Old Pastorate.

At a Michigan pastors' meeting recently he exhorted these men of the cloth to "mobilize people of like mind and spirit" by tapping their email lists and phone lists. Never mind that the major requirement for churches to avoid paying taxes is to not endorse and advocate for a political candidate.

Nevertheless, this strategy worked for Huckabee in Iowa where about 80 percent of his voters identified themselves as "born again" or "evangelical." While his plan on issues like health care are sketchy, he loudly supports messing around with our Constitution with bans on same-sex marriage and abortion.... and he would be comfortable displaying the Ten Commandments in the White House.

Demonstrating how self-servingly myopic are the ambitions of the religious right, "Fulton Sheen, a conservative religious activist in Michigan who switched his support from former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to Huckabee on Saturday said, 'There is little difference in faith and values issues' between Huckabee and President Bush."

Imagine.... identifying with the values of the man who started a war of choice that has taken over 4,000 American lives, displaced millions and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands in their homeland.

So, besides wars of aggression, a vote for Huckabee means more church and less state, more invasion of privacy and the diminishing of our freedoms.

Hey.... if you love the grip the Ayatollahs have on the government of Iran, you'll love the tyranny of a Christian cabal leading your party and..... what a chilling thought.... in the White House.

Michigan, the eyes and hopes of our Constitution-revering citizens yearning for a serious candidate who can bring us together and pull the country back from the abyss of arrogant "religiously inspired" ineptitude are on you next Tuesday. Sincerely....


Anonymous said...

You are very full of hate. I suggest some self examination to determine why that is.

FYI... religious people have the right to vote too. And it's not only religous people voting for Huckabee (you need to get your numbers right).

I'm very sad for you that you seem like such an unhappy person.

Truth Hunter said...

Of course religious people have the right to vote, but they need to remember that they are voting for president, not pastor.

There are many types of believers, and non-believers, in this country who need representation. Turning our government into an arm of Christianity isn't something that is good for democracy.... or even for you.

My numbers come from the Washington Post, if you disagree, take it up with them.

I'm very sad for you that you have such a judgmental view of those who don't agree with you.

If anything makes me sad it's the state of our nation under the Bush reign. It's not longer the vibrant, hopeful, admired and prosperous bastion of democracy it once was. Now, corporations rule. Someday you'll understand.