Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Debate Too Far

Four showed up in Myrtle Beach, SC last night at the Democratic presidential debate (WaPo) on Martin Luther King Day.... John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton.

At least, that's obviously the way Obama sees things as he accused Hill and Bill of repeatedly distorting his positions on the campaign trail, and pointedly remarking on Bill's role in his wife's campaign... "I can't tell who I'm running against sometimes."

But, Clinton was there only in spirit.... actually, he was taking a little snooze on stage while sitting behind the speaker, the son of the man of the day, MLK III. (Video) But we digress. Back to the fight.... er.... debate.

So protracted and angry were the clashes between Hillary and Obama that John Edwards wondered if just two people showed up for the debate complaining... "Are there three people in this debate, not two?"

Regardless of how many seemed to be in this debate... ugly is uncomfortable to watch. Private food fights in the face of our... and a worldwide.... plunge of stock markets that are reacting to our very sick economy seemed unpresidential.

Yes, the economy was eventually addressed in the debate, and while Hillary and Obama had ideas for immediate actions, Edwards plan seemed well, quaint.... a green jobs program that could start in thirty days or so. Good idea, Edwards, except the nation's HAIR IS ON FIRE!

Hillary and Obama still are Senators with the ability to help shape events and stimulus program recommendations. In the next few days, let's watch their actions to see "Where's the Beef?"

But, enough debates already!

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