Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Billary Blitzkreig

Colbert King is worried about "Billlary Adventures in Primaryland." (WaPo) And for good reason.

He sees Bill and Hillary Clinton as the "superficially charming, self-absorbed couple Billary, ever so possessed with an outsize sense of entitlement" as they tag-team Barack Obama in their attempt to devalue him in their current run for the sun.

And, King is sure of one thing, "A Clinton administration will be a four-year co-presidency with all of the drama that Billary has managed to bring to every undertaking."

Isn't the country weary of the Clinton soap opera where the script is all about them.

While King makes a good case, there are yet other Billary pitfalls.... Hillary as the first woman president. If she isn't the right woman, she will set back years of progress for women. She will hurt the womens' movement. She will have the opposite effect that so many women who support her will be expecting, proof that a woman can handle the top job.

But, as King opines.... "let's not get ahead of ourselves and start worrying about tomorrow. Billary gives us enough to worry about today."

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