Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Biden Supporters Rally

Surrounded by an overflow crowd of enthusiastic supporters, members of his family and well-organized campaign workers, Sen.Joe Biden delivered an inspiring and sober message today in Des Moines, two days before the Iowa caucuses.

It is hard to estimate now many attended, well into the hundreds, as it was SRO throughout the venue. And, it was obvious these were not only supporters, but caucus goers, since they braved subfreezing temperatures on New Year's day to deliver their message.... they want Joe Biden to be our next president.

Biden's closing thought was simple.... who would you want sitting in the Oval Office if nuclear-armed Pakistan exploded; or to settle the Iraq war while making sure that our 140,000 troops are protected now, and their needs are met when they return home; or to deal with a plutocratically trending Putin in Russia; or to manage the unraveling relations with an increasingly powerful China?

The answer was resounding.... Biden.

As he pointed out, progress on the domestic front is almost impossible until we address these threatening and economy-busting foreign policy issues.

As evidenced by his experience (30-year member and currently Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee), and legislative and diplomatic initiatives (currently the bill with his federalization plan for Iraq has the support of 75 percent of the Senate body of both parties and is on The Decider's desk awaiting his signature).... what sets Biden apart from the other candidates is that he has, and will, take action.

Iowans.... caucus on January 3. It matters!

(Photo at top: Biden signing autographs after his speech with his brother prominent in background. Photo at bottom: Truth Hunter and Biden with his son prominent in background.)


SoonerThought said...

Great post! We need Biden now more than ever. Our national security is at stake, and so is the physical security of our children; the retirement security of our parents; the economic and health security of our families. Joe Biden will get us out of Iraq without leaving chaos behind. And perhaps most importantly, he'll end Bush’s assault on civil liberties. Caucus-goers have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help select a Democratic nominee capable of: beating Republicans in November; then leading this country through the difficult but promising decade ahead. He has my vote.

acctmir said...

To all Iowan's standing for Joe Biden tomorrow night, thank you. And, please know that there are many of us who are standing with you all around the country (& the world). You can be proud to be standing for the greatest candidate both parties have to offer. Again, thank you