Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt.....

A cartoon is worth a thousand words, and Tom Toles of the Washington Post said a mouthful about the Bush administration's selling of America upon The Decider's return from his trip to the Middle East where unbelievably he told Saudi entrepreneurs "It's important for the president to hear thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations, concerns from the folks that are out making a living."

He must mean the "folks" currently losing their homes, jobs and way of life under his watch.

The Decider's latest financial boondoggle is the $145 billion emergency stimulus package the form of "checks" to taxpayers and businesses.

Maudeen Dowd of the New York Times today laments over this selling of the American economy in "Red, White and Blue Tag Sale." She paints a clueless Bush last week doing his sword dances, Arabian stallion inspections and lounging in his fur-lined George of Arabia robe in the Saudi king's tent before he came home.... or, "what was left of home."

David Ignatius chimed in today with his opinion piece in the Washington Post, "Too Late To the Downturn". He points out that it's not that we didn't know about this looming financial crisis heralded by the housing subprime mortgage collapse.

As Ignatius points out, "What's infuriating is that the problems in the housing market were clear to everyday folks long before they registered with the geniuses at the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department....."

Now Congress and the Bush White House are jostling over the size and shape of an emergency stimulus package to reduce the impact of the coming recession. But the economic hurricane has already done it's damage, and issuing checks on yet more borrowed money is nothing more than the "Katrina effect."

Heck of a job, Georgie!

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NOTHING MORE THAN A KATRINA EFFECT!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~