Sunday, November 04, 2007

Our National Shame

Our children are under siege.

Whether it's lead in their toys, Super Bugs in their schools.... or a president intent on pouring billions weekly into Iraq while vetoing expanded health insurance for children in poor and middle class families (SCHIP), or threatening to veto the increase in diagnostic and research funding for the epidemic of autism.... dangers are daily stalking our children.

The latest estimate is that as many as 1 in 150 children have some form of autism.... a disorder which steals emotional warmth and communication skills, replacing them with unsocial and angry behaviors.... heartbreaking and devastating for families.

One in 150.... !

The increase for autism-related funding in the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations (LHHSE) 2008 appropriations bill? Just $37 million.... a blink of the eye in Iraq spending terms.

And the Super Bug? It is now estimated that drug-resistant infections will become the third leading killer in the U.S.... exceeded only by cancer and heart disease.

Uninspected children's toys from China continue to flood the country, even after the discovery of life-threatening lead in such toys. It's an outrage.

Because the entire LHHSE appropriations bill has $9 billion more in discretionary spending than The Decider asked for, he's promised to veto the bill, thus threatening the much needed budget increases for such national health agencies as the Center for Disease Control, and programs like that of autism for diagnosis, treatment and research.

This disgraceful president, while running up truly historic debt only vetoed one bill during the six years of a GOP-controlled congress.... for vital stem cell research.... is now standing by with veto pen at the ready for legislation passed by the the Democratic congress.

Could the real reason for El Presidente Bush's veto of the LHHSE appropriations legislation be because the bill also scuttles other policies he's been pushing? The bill does refocus some of the administration's priorities back to U. S. citizens.... such as, barring the Social Security Administration from processing claims for retirement benefits that are based on illegal work

From Iraq to Mexico, too many White House priorities put the welfare of our citizens, and especially our children, last.

Do your part to thwart The Decider's continuing disregard for the welfare of our citizens, and especially our children under siege. Contact your legislators and urge their support of the 2008 LHHSE Appropriations bill.

As Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) said of this legislation.... "This appropriation bill has no rival for greater importance to America because it deals with our nation's capital assets: health, education, and labor. It is my hope the president signs this bill into law in the interest of the nation's general welfare."

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