Friday, November 02, 2007

"Everyman" To The Rescue....

Here's a "feel good" story to take you into a crisp fall-football weekend and remind you that the disgraceful government in Washington isn't the American people.

Here are the American people.... "Civilians aid injured officer, subdue suspect." (Des Moines Register)

A Des Moines police officer whose hand was hurt in a scuffle with a Dahl''s grocery store shoplifting suspect, was pinned down on his back by the suspect who was on top of him trying to get to the officer's gun.

Without hesitation, the suspect was set upon and subdued by six bystanders including several shoppers, the store manager and someone who was driving by the store and saw the officer's plight.

As The Decider's nominee for attorney general sits in his confirmation hearing parsing the meaning of torture; and the former attorney general of New York, now governor, is trying to give illegal aliens a drivers license, setting the stage for massive voter fraud.... the everyman knows a crime when he sees one and acts to uphold the law and protect their fellow man.

Cheers for America's "everyman!"

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