Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Actually, the South is Heading Here

Talk about your double meaning, the Washington Post headline reads.... "Signs Are Pointing South on Wall St."

Of course, they mean the south of a serious downturn in the U.S. economy.... the subprime-fueled housing crisis, worsening credit crunch, stock market plunge, weakening dollar, soaring oil prices, and the gutting of U.S. manufacturing... not to mention the monstrous trade deficit and national debt devouring our national solvency.

However, the south could also point to much of the cause of the downturn.... the invasion in the millions of cheap labor across our southern border by demandingly needy illegal immigrants.... lowering wages, and taking jobs U.S. citizens will do, while gobbling up taxpayer-funded health, education and social services.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that our economy is collapsing at about the same rate as our culture as it plunges toward Third World status, bulldozing our economy in order to meld into The Decider's dream of a borderless North American Union.... formerly known as the nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States.

So as you watch the dollar collapse along with your portfolio and way of life, remember that you have the political moral squalor in D.C. to thank for our national decay.

Vote to purge the country of the corporatist, neoconservative ideologues. While we still have a country.


Jeugenen said...


This Ron Paul Libertarian rebellion is an escalation and re-orientation of the American Cultural War, by the American People, against the rising governmental tyranny by Neoconservative Republicans and Leftist Democrats.

It is sweeping across America like a wildfire - ignited by the illegal and unnecessary invasion of Iraq.

It raises many crucial questions, such as:

Where does the American Constitution give my government the right to sacrifice precious American wealth and blood, in interests of domestic and foreign lobbies?

Where does the American Constitution give my government the right to allow my nation to be invaded and permanently occupied by illegal aliens?

Where does the American Constitution give my government the right to support the sacrificial killing of children, by their own mothers?

Where does the American Constitution give my government the right to discriminate against traditional religious practices in public schools, universities, marriage institutions, armed forces, and governmental offices?

This creeping governmental tyranny, driven by perverse special interests, has now been going on for so many decades, like the illegal alien invasion, that the impending American Reformation is regarded with fear and loathing, by those who are to lose their illicit gains.

Like Gandhi, Ron Paul is drawing his intrepid volunteers from the full spectrum of humanity; and World is cheering him on to victory. Google: Who Would the World Elect

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! An excellent analysis of how our country is showing clear signs of rapid decline through the determined efforts of thoughtless special interest ideologues.