Monday, October 29, 2007

The "Progress" Fairy Tale

Don't expect to hear much about this.... "Bomber Kills 32 Police Recruits North of Baghdad... Also, on Sunday, Gunmen Kidnapped 11 Tribal Leaders Allied with U.S." (WaPo)

It doesn't fit with the rosy rhetoric coming out of the White House and their designated military mouthpieces. Haven't you heard? Why, the surge is working. Peace is breaking out all over Iraq.... so let's set our sights on Iran. That's the administration's fairy tale.

In reality... among the wounded when a bicycle bomber exploded Monday amidst a group of Iraqi police recruits were a woman and child.... and the Iraqi commanding officer said the death toll may rise.

The eleven Shiite and Sunni sheiks who were ambushed and kidnapped are members of the al-Salam Support Council working with U.S. to fight al Qaeda. A spokesman for the mostly Shiite council said the attack was carried out by the Mahdi Army, a militia controlled by the anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr... and protected by Bush's man in Baghdad (and ironically Iran's), Prime Minister al-Maliki.

And, a grave containing 15 bodies, mainly female students, was found in an area under the control of al-Qaeda.

All these events are took place in the Diyala province as "violence continued unabated across Iraq."

In Kirkuk, eight people were killed and 25 wounded by a suicide car bomber, and armed men kidnapped the managing editor of the Turkmen magazine al-Akhaa.

Also going nearly unreported was the capture and beheading of three militiamen and a police officer Friday in northwestern Pakistan. After killing the officers, the four severed heads were displayed in Imam Dheri village, an area bordering Afghanistan.

This is a three-day snapshot of what our propagandizing government wants the electorate to believe is "progress" in their war on terror.

According to a piece aired on CBS's 60 Minutes last night, our remote-command bombing in Afghanistan is killing mostly civilians and turning the hearts and minds of the once pro-America Afghans against us.

Afghans say Russia, with whom they were at war for many years, was much kinder and more caring of Afghan civilians than America.... our once-admired America now under the thumb of the reckless, torture-promoting Bush-Cheney cabal.

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