Saturday, October 13, 2007

GI Benefit Ruse

They are members of the Iowa National Guard's 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry.... heroes who returned last summer from a nearly two-year deployment in Iraq.

They were scheduled to return home earlier in the year, but their tour of duty was extended as part of The Decider's "surge." Soldiers in this battalion have served longer in Iraq than any other U.S. military combat unit.

How did The Decider's administration show their appreciation for their incredible sacrifice? They are trying to shortchange them on their GI Bill education benefits. To receive the full benefit, a soldier must serve on active duty for 730 consecutive days.

Each soldier has individual orders.... and more than 500 of this "Ironman Battalion" Guard had orders for 725 to 729 days of active duty. One to five days short of the qualifying time.

Do you believe for a moment that this is an oversight? Do you think that those cutting the orders don't know about the benefit minimums? And, you can be sure the orders were issued in all haste when asked for so they could prop up our tin-pot Decider and his "surge."

Letters from the governor and legislators have been sent, but don't hold your breath that this will be resolved with equal haste.... Guard officials are hoping the problem can be cleared up in time for the 2008 spring semester.

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Anonymous said...

Not only Iowa's Senators, IA(R) Charles Grassley and IA(D)Tom Harkin, from whose state these American troops were summoned to Iraq, but all Americans should pound at the idiots in the Pentagon to correct this! NOW!
And, those responsible in the Pentagon, or administration, should be blocked from their pensions in an equal manner. Only a few days to go? Sorry about that!