Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Happened To Our Country?

The Decider's speech at the U.N. yesterday was like a bad comb-over.... he tried without success to hide the fact that his bald assertions about the human rights abuses of his perceived enemies didn't mask those of his perceived friends. Nor his own.

He called on the countries in the U. N. to live up to the freedoms and rights promised almost sixty years ago, denouncing Burma (Myanmar) Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Zimbabwe as brutal regimes that should be confronted for their abuses.

The Decider barely mentioned the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor the nuclear ambitions of Iran, nor the suppressive regimes of Pakistan, Turkey, China or Russia.

It was a sorry show, it was at once selective in its call for sanctions, and myopically self-congratulating ignoring our occupation of Iraq, and saber rattling at Iran as his destructively aggressive agenda drags the Middle East toward the abyss.

He talked about the needy children of the world while holding his veto pen over the medical insurance needs of millions of children in the United States.

But, as bad as was The Decider's smoke and mirrors show at the U. N., it was nothing compared to the hysteria surrounding the visit from the tin-hat from Iran. Strong, confident nations can engage in dialogue with their enemies without name calling and plain rude behavior. Remember the cold war complete with nuclear standoff? For 70 years the Soviet Union threatened to eradicate American capitalism and democracy. But, there were no juvenile spit-ball antics.

Well, that United States is gone.

It's been replaced by a nasty, jingoistic nation howling at the visiting heels of the puppet of Iran's mullahs, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It was embarrassing to watch a university president lambaste it's invited guest while Bush-incited news outlets like FOX twirled dervishly about at the thought of the "foul-smelling fruitbat Ahmadinejad" speaking at "that crack house known as Columbia University."

It's the Limbaughization of our country.... rude, crude, uncomprehending and egotistically self-righteous. It'll be a long road back. The journey starts November 2008.

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