Friday, September 07, 2007

Illegals Doing the Work....

Here are more of The Decider's "good" people just doing the work that Americans won't do.....

"Drug bust yields meth, guns, cash,"..... Seventeen of the twenty-two people busted for federal drug-trafficking and weapons charges in the Des Moines area are illegal aliens from Mexico. A whopping $576,000 in cash was also seized, the fruits of their "labor" evidently.

Law officers are still looking for four others, Velez-Delgado, Jiminez-Sandoval, Guadalupe Rodriguez and Parra-Garcia.

"U.S. Attorney Matt Whitaker announced on Thursday that a federal grand jury in Des Moines had returned four indictments charging 20 men and two women, most from Mexico, in a massive drug ring that Whitaker said was organized and operated in Polk County over the past two years."

Bush.... we've had enough. We don't need more of these. Secure our borders!

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