Sunday, September 23, 2007

GOP Caucusgoers Paper Doll

.... love to buy a Paper Doll that we can call our own.....

This should really be the Republican Party theme song this campaign season.

The Des Moines Register talked with 10 likely GOP caucusgoers about their dream candidate. And what they found is unease with the current GOP presidential field, and varying degrees of serious dissatisfaction with The Decider and Congress.

Of the ten interviewed, seven say they aren't committed to a presidential candidate as yet.

Their ideal candidate.... the intellectual capacity of Newt Gingrich (smart enough not to get caught in his sexcapades like Clinton).... the leadership of Rudy Giuliani (the leader of the 9/11 24-7 parade).... the communication skills of Fred Thompson (he's bombing on the campaign trail like a librarian at a Hooter's convention).... and the toughness of John McCain (his 2000 Straight Talk Express is in the ditch).

This isn't a "dream" candidate, it's a "wishful thinking" candidate. OK, the opinions of ten caucusgoers isn't up to Gallup standards. But, it is indicative of the turmoil in the GOP ranks.

The Paper Doll song laments.... rather have a Paper Doll to call my own, than a fickle-minded real live girl. But, the weak GOP field may give them just that, a not-so-fickle-minded real live Hillary.

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