Monday, September 17, 2007

Friends of George.... NOT!

Good thing The Decider has Barney.... perhaps his only friend in D.C. right now.... one who won't publicly bark about their time together.

The way former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan did in his recent book "The Age of Turbulence" when he howled at Bush for his lack of fiscal discipline and for presiding over a "dysfunctional government." (WaPo)

The Decider was said to be surprised by Greenspan's criticism. Guess Captain Clueless thought self-described "libertarian Republican" Greenspan would applaud the administration's meteoric spending and black-hole national deficit.

But, just as the White House was defending Bush, spinning that his veto "threats" kept GOP congressional spending from spiraling out of control.... (you mean it could have been worse?)....., the man Bush thanked for being "a friend to Laura and me," also turned to bite the overly generous hand feeding the Mexican poor that Mexico's government dumps over our border.

Former Mexico President Vicente Fox, in his new book "Revolution of Hope," called Bush "stubborn" and "the cockiest guy I have ever met in my life." Fox even mocks Bush's Spanish skills as "grade-school" level. (CNN)

Here, Barney.....

Maybe that is why The Decider has nominated what appears to be an honest man.... retired federal judge, law-and-order conservative Michael Mukasey.... as his new Attorney General (WaPo).

Is Bush finally looking for friends in the right places.... and trying to bring to heel his tattered legacy?

Perhaps. But it's much too late for doggie treats for a Bush-wary nation.

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