Thursday, September 13, 2007

Friendly Fred Flickers

On June 6, 1973 President Richard Nixon was discussing possible Supreme Court appointments (Abuse of Power, Stanley I. Kutler, p. 585)....

Nixon attorney Fred BUZHARDT: We've got pretty good rapport with Fred Thompson.

PRESIDENT NIXON: He isn't -- he isn't very smart, is he?

BUZHARDT: He squeezed Gurney. Not extremely so, but --

PRESIDENT NIXON: But he's friendly.

BUZHARDT: But he's friendly.


There it is, Friendly Fred.

As Yogi would say, this is "deja vu all over again".... a dim friendly.... Boy George's taller twin.

Is it possible GOP primary voters can be that gullible? Will they fall for another thin-resume good-ol'-boy "compassionate conservative."

As Ruth Marcus points out in "Still Waiting for Thompson," .... "Go to a Fred Thompson rally and for $5 you can buy an 'I'm a Fred-Head' button. But you might not be able, at any price, to learn what exactly is in Fred's head." Oh Ruth.... you're still assuming what many others seem to be assuming, that there is something in Fred's head.

When conservative cheerleader Sean Hannity asked Thompson about the other GOP candidates and how Fred's positions differed from theirs, Friendly Fred opined.... "Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't spent a whole lot of time going into the details of their positions."

George F. Will today takes dead aim at Friendly Fred in "A Rocky Rollout For Thompson." Calling Fred's plunge into the presidential pool more a belly-flop than a swan dive. And he notes, not only is Fred unfamiliar with the positions of others, "he also is unfamiliar with the details of his own positions."

And, in case his.... uhhh.... diminished wattage and lack of intellectual curiosity doesn't provoke four-alarm Boy George similarities, how about Fred's ethics.

Here's his comment about why the government shouldn't tell individuals how much they can give political candidates.... "Why should the government... tell a loan officer that he cannot accept money from someone trying to get a loan from him... and then go ahead and give that person a loan?... I mean, it's bribery in the real world."

Ah yes, Republican presidential candidate Friendly Fred and his world view. Is the GOP really this desperate?

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