Thursday, August 30, 2007

Will Froggy Fred Blink or Swim?

Is Fred Thompson finally going to forsake his safe lily pad and jump into the brisk waters of the presidential candidate pool?

If rumors are true, he'll stop just testing the waters and be in the GOP swim of things by next week... a do-or-bye date for raising campaign funds. (WaPo)

Newt Gingrich has advised him to announce via video, a' la Hillary, but we wonder if this is good advice. After all, the public expects the Law & Order guy to be up-front, on the firing line so to speak, not hiding behind lip gloss and cue cards.

Speculation is that he'll travel to California on announcement day in a bid to seize the "Reagan mantle" that the GOP hopefuls are fighting over. A tricky icon to emulate, and one that might lead to...."Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine..... " (you know the rest).

Next week the tide of speculation will reach its high point, so Thompson must "pluck your magic twanger froggy" and plunge in, or drift into the sunset of expectations.

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