Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Turkey In The Straw

There was one common theme from all of the GOP presidential candidates who showed up in Ames for the Straw Poll... things would be different if there was a Republican president in the White House.

Wait a minute, there IS a Republican president in the White House. Along with no-shows Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and the coy Fred Thompson, The Decider was absent in the day's political palaver. It's as though the last almost 7 years never were.

No mention of the record of crazy Uncle George in the attic who has gutted our military, shipped jobs off shore, and allowed the invasion of millions of illegal aliens over our borders. Mostly the themes were oatmeal familiar... pro life, pro military, pro family, pro lower taxes.

A few observations you may not hear anywhere else. Laura Ingraham, the TV and radio shock-jockess, was in charge of introductions. All of the candidates got respectful comments from her except Ron Paul who she rudely ridiculed.

What was most remarkable about Ron Paul, besides the fact that he listed the many things he wouldn't do as president, was the youthfulness of his supporters. What was remarkable about Tom Tancredo's storm troopers was also their age... mostly old codgers.

Speaking of supporters, it was a white man's world. You could count the number of blacks among the supporters on the fingers of one hand.... actually three fingers. None appeared on the podium.

Mitt Romney gave his usual perfect performance, and after his speech paraded his perfect family onto the podium amidst perfect applause. Perfectly perfect.

Speaking of perfect, John Cox of no discernible resume, showed up with his perfect trophy wife on his arm, carrying in his arms what he termed his "trophy daughter." He never got out of the gate.

The most Wizard of Oz moment was Mike Huckabee's line.... "A straw poll isn't about electing a straw man." Seems a decent guy in an Ozish way.

Duncan Hunter was reliably commanding. Promising to marshal our military, economy, industrial base and build the border fence in 6 months.... and, the only one to call China out for cheating on trade as they "step into Russia's superpower shoes."

Tommy Thompson hung his speech on the "global medical diplomacy" peg, while Brownback hammered home the issues dear to the far-right base.

We are now waiting to see which candidate has the most straw, the largest bale.... who floats the vote boat.... and they're off.

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